Ralco's range of anti-static flexible hose and anti-static flexible ducting hose designed for use with combustible materials or in hazardous areas.

Within our anti-static hose and flexible ducting range we offer hoses that have a permanently anti-static liner and/or cover and hoses where the steel wire helix can be grounded. Many of our hose and flexible ducting meet specifications including BS2878, TRBS 2153 (formerly BGR 132).

Our Anti-Static Hoses include, Ariaflex Hose and Airflex/PU/AS for the plastics industry, Anti-Static Air Hose for the offshore industry and a comprehensive range of anti-static flexible ducting hoses for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Below is a complete list of the hose and flexible ducting hose products that we offer for abrasive material applications.

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