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Ralco Tubings Limited - Hoses For Industry

The Company

Since its formation in 1972, Ralco Tubings Ltd has established a solid reputation in industry as a premier supplier of flexible industrial hose, flexible ducting hose, hose fittings, hose clamps, hose assemblies and all associated products to an ever-increasing portfolio of clients.

The business was orginally founded on two basic principles:

• To offer a totally comprehensive range of hose, ductings and associated products from the world's leading manufacturers.

• To provide every customer with the very highest levels of service with the emphasis on quality, satisfaction and value-for money.

The combination of these principles together with dynamic management and product growth has seen Ralco develop into one of the country's leading names in the industrial hose market.

Today from our head office and large distribution facility in Watford, we are extremely well positioned to meet the challenges of our customer base throughout the UK and around the world. This is backed up by a network of logistics companies with the ability to supply exactly to our customer's delivery requirements.

With the benefit of a well-established UK operation the company was able to win prestigious orders in the Caribbean, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Far East - testament to Ralco's ability to deliver its promises. Following a period of substantial growth in the 1980's when Ralco consolidated its position in the UK with a move to larger premises in Harrow, Middlesex and widened its international horizons, the company opened an office and depot in Kent. This development led to the winning of major contracts with the Channel Tunnel project.

Serving Industry

Industrial and hydraulic hoses cover a whole spectrum of applications. From a simple 1/8" plastic tube carrying fluid at zero pressure to a heavy duty hose operating at up to 10,000 psi - and everything in between - the range of products available to fulfil this diversity of performance criteria is vast.

It is a demand that Ralco is well equipped to satisfy. With an inventory of over 2,500 different hoses and fittings from many of the leading manufacturers available 'from stock' at any one point in time as well as instant access to worldwide inventories many times larger. Ralco can supply to any demand: Positively, efficiently and economically - with a total understanding of the products we supply and the applications for which they are required. But we are much more than simply a 'supplier' of hoses and fittings. Ralco carry out hose assembly 'in-house' - matching the right hose to the right fitting.

The company has invested in quality personnel and advanced test equipment to ensure that, when Ralco delivers and fits a hose on site, it works. First time and every time. With operating pressures sometimes reaching thousands of psi, the margins for error are zero. Safety is essential. Quality is vital.

We call it 'The Right Connection'. It's why Ralco customers stay Ralco customer

And our customer base is as varied as the range of products we supply. From marine to construction; original equipment manufacturing to food processing, oil industries to airport maintenance; and many more. On land, sea and in the air; offshore or underground; working in demanding and sometimes hostile environments - there you will find Ralco.

The Right Connection

Customer Service is one of our main operating principles. It has to be in any successful business. At Ralco it is a way of life. Every aspect of our business is geared to customer satisfaction; from the initial the point of contact, to the delivery and then any after care that may be required.

Ralco customers receive an intelligent response to every enquiry and order. All of our technical personnel receive comprehensive training and our integrated computer management system is designed to facilitate a smooth order path.

Ralco also operate our own delivery vehicles which extends our quality of service, in parallel with carefully selected carriers, extends our quality of service to all customers, wherever they may be.

We accept all major credit and debit cards. In addition to these services, Ralco operates a Trade Counter, thus catering for local as well as national and international customers. This provides local customers with instant access to the complete Ralco inventory.

As one of the UK's largest independent distributors of industrial and hydraulic hoses, we enjoy close working relationships with our manufacturers. We have their substantial support resources behind us. And, mindful that service and quality should never be taken for granted Ralco has recently obtained certification for the quality control program ISO 9001:2008. It's all part of Ralco's ongoing commitment to each of our customers.

Make the right connection - with Ralco.