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Ralco's hose couplings, hose fittings and hose clamps include quick release systems including storz couplings, bauer couplings, guillemin and camlock couplings which have all been designed to complement our range of flexible hose, flexible ducting hose and layflat hose & fire hose.

Also within our extensive range of industrial hose couplings, hose fittings and hose clamps we offer systems including, boss steam couplings, perrot couplings, Kamlock couplings, ludecke fittings, flanged hosetail couplings, unicone couplings, quick-release air fittings, PCL, geeka couplings, ISO A & B type, URT and BSP threaded suction/delivery hose couplings, instantaneous fire couplings, sandblast fittings, mortar coupings and stainless steel hygienic fittings including RJT. Most coupling types are available in two or more materials which can include steel, stainless steel, malleable iron, aluminium, brass, gunmetal, plastic and polypropylene.

Applications for our hose fittings include delivery and/or suction of water, air, steam, food and drink, oil and fuels, chemicals, gas and many abrasive items in material handling.

Our range of hose clamps includes, Worm Drive clips, jubilee® clips, Mikalor clamps, Band-it clamps, Pa-Ri clamps, double-bolt clamps, Boss steam clamps, Jaymac clamps and Ludecke clamps and have been designed to suit our range of industrial hose fittings and industrial hose and flexcible ducting.

For further information on how our hose, couplings and clamps are assembled for each application, please visit our hose assemblies section. We are also able to make in-house to your requirement, bespoke assemblies with cross-system couplings fitted either end.

We are also delighted to offer a complete range of fittings with a safety collar to suit our range of interlocking safety clamps, we also offer industrial hose swaging, wire-whipping and also hose testing.

Couplings Systems: Storz, instantaneous fire couplings, bauer, guillemin, boss type, perrot, lever lock, kamlock.

Coupling Threads: BSP Taper thread, BSP Parallel thread, URT thread, NPT thread, VEE thread, RJT thread.

Coupling Materials: Aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel, brass, gun metal, malleable iron, plastic and polypropylene.

Clamp Materials: Galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium and malleable iron.

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View our range of alloy, brass and stainless steel kamlocks.

Air Fittings

View our range of quick couplings for air, steam and water.

Bauer Couplings

Our range of suction & delivery couplings including Bauer, Flanged & Lugged couplings.

Storz Couplings

View our range of alloy, brass & stainless steel Storz fittings.


View our range of alloy and stainless steel Guillemin couplings.

Fire Couplings

View our range of fire couplings and accessories.

Suction Couplings

View our range of suction hose couplings including URT, BSP and flanged hose tails.

Hose Clamps

View our range of hose clamps including safety, mikalor and jubilee clips.