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View Ralco's new flexible ducting hoses range. Designed to cover a wide range of industries and applications, we can supply flexible ducting hoses that comply with a wide range of standards and specifications in the most diverse industries. These include ductings that comply with the ATEX 94/9/EC Directive for electrically conductive and anti-static applications, UL and DIN approvals for applications that require flame retardant hose, FDA and EC approved products for the food and pharmaceutical industries and our range of clip hoses designed for high temperature applications up to +1100.

Visit our hose application section to view our range of flexible ducting hoses designed for markets including the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Industry, waste management sector, wood working industry and Plastics Industry. We are also pleased to introduce our range of Phthalate Free Flexible Ducting Hose.

Below we list some of the materials and approvals from our flexible ducting hose range:

Materials: Ether Polyurethane, Ester Polyurethane, PU, PVC, Polyethylene, PE, TPE, TPR, Teflon, PTFE, Hypalon, CSM, Viton, EVA, Aramid, Neoprene, Silicone, Glass Coated.

Helix: Spring Steel Wire Helix, Nylon Helix, PVC Helix, Anti-Static Helix, Stainless Steel Helix, Galvanised Steel Helix, Clamp Profile, Clip Profile.

Approvals: European ATEX Directive, FDA Approved, EU Directive, 2002/72/EC (Formerly 90/128/EEC), 2008/39/EC, 2975/2009, BfR, TRBS 2153 (Formerly BGR 132), Flame Retardant, UL94-HB. UL94-V2, UL94-V0, Phthalate Free, DIN 4102-B1, Anti-Static, Microbe Resistant and Hydrolysis Resistant.

Some of the applications that our Flexible ducting hoses can be used in include:

Abrasive Powders, Aggregates, Air Conditioning, Antistatic Hose, Automotive Industry, Chemical Fumes, Dust Extraction, Electrically Conductive hose, Food Industry, Glass & Ceramics, Grain & Feed, Heating, Granule Drying, Gravel & Stone Transport, Heating, High Temperature Hose, Hydrolysis Resistant, Industrial Fumes, Leaf Collection, Material Drying, Microbe Resistant, Motorsport, Oil Mist Extraction, Paper & Printing, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics, Plastic Granules, Powders, Sawdust, Seed Drill, Ship Building, Shotblast, Solvent Fumes, Street Cleaning, Vacuum Cleaners, Vacuum Excavation, Vehicle Exhaust Fumes, Ventilation, Waste Management, Weld Fume Extraction, Woodchips and Woodwaste.

Flexible Ducting Hose : Icons

Please select the icons below to view the complete range of Ralco Flexible Ducting Hose by subcategory, alternatively click here for a link to our product catalogue to search by application and material.

High Abrasion

Ester, Ether & High Temp PU flexible ductings for abrasive applications


PVC & EVA flexible ductings for Industrial applications

Air & Ventilation

PVC, PU & PE flexible ductings for air conditioning, ventilation and fume extraction

Wood Industry

PU flexible ductings for the wood industry to UL94 & DIN 4102 specifications

Electrically Conductive

ATEX approved permanently antistatic & electrically conductive flexible ductings

Food & Pharmaceutical

Flexible ductings for the food & pharmaceutical industry with FDA & EU approvals

Exhaust Gas

Flexible ducting range for exhaust gas extraction

High Temperature

High temperature flexible ductings from +150 to +1100