Gas & Welding Hose

Ralco's gas and welding hose range includes a choice of single and twin welding gas hose for oxygen, acetylene, argon and propane with working pressures or 20 bar (300psi) that meet the lastest welding specification, EN ISO 3821 previously EN559.

Our Range of gas & welding hoses are identified as follows:Blue Cover: Oxygen Hose
Red Cover: Acetylene Hose
Black Cover: Argon Hose
Orange Cover: Propane Hose

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The Ralco range of single and twin-weld rubber gas and welding hoses are manufactured according to the latest EN ISO 3821 specification, previouslsy EN559.

Used in the gas and welding markets, our hoses are designed for the transfer of oxygen, acetylene, argon and propane at 20 bar (300psi).

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