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Ralco offer a comprehensive range industrial hoses and flexible ducting hose in Polyurethane. One of the key characteristics of polyurethane is its abrasion resistance. Most of our Polyurethane hoses will be found under the material handling hose section and also the flexible ducting hose section.

Some of our main developments with Polyurethane have come in our new flexible ducting range where we are now able to offer both ETHER polyurethane's as well as the more common and standard ESTER polyurethane's. ETHER polyurethane is resistant to microbial attack, resistant to hydrolysis, has improved chemical resistance and better flexibility at lower temperatures giving it a fundemental advantage over ESTER Polyurethane.

We are also pleased to offer a new range of high temperature polyurethane, food quality and electrically conductive polyurethane flexible ducting hoses.

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