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Ralco Part Number: HAA116

Description: The Ralcoflex Aqua Layflat polyurethane durable potable water hose is a potable layflat water hose approved to BS and NSF standards. Featuring: excellent abrasion resistance and durability, easy cleaning and disinfection - no drying required, superior flow performance, excellent resistance to weathering, UV and ozone, lightweight and easy to handle compared to PE or steel pipes and excellent cold flexibility.

Applications: Applications include: municipal water supply, military and marine, foodstuff industry, potable water transfer, bypass for temporary pipeline, repair or disaster response.

Construction - Textile Reinforcement: High tenacity polyester yarn, circular woven. Special design for optimized flow performance and minimum bending radius. Totally embedded in the PU compound providing excellent protection against mechanical damage and microbiological attack.

Construction - Lining/Cover: Layflat style, special food grade, polyurethane extruded through the weave in a unique one step production process. Inside is very smooth for minimum friction loss with optimized cleaning and disinfection properties. Outside is also very smooth for good flexibility.

Special Options: Single lengths longer than 200 m (660 ft). 25 - 76 mm up to 500 m (1,650 ft) and 102 - 127 mm up to 400 m (1,320 ft). Other dimensions.Note that special options are subject to a higher price of and a minimum order of 1,000 m (3,300 ft) per dimension. Production short lengths and over production up to 10% of the total order quantity have to be accepted - please enquire for more details.

Standard Length: 100/200 m (330/660 ft), other lengths on request.

Standard Colour: Blue.

Service Temperature: From -50C up to +50C (from -58F up to 122F), based on water.

Approvals: NSF 61, BS 6920, KTW / DVGW (Germany).



Bore Size
Breaking Strength
Ralco Part
25 0.160 1.6 16 50 1.200 HAA116-025000
38 0.280 1.8 16 50 1.700 HAA116-038000
45 0.330 1.8 16 50 3.000 HAA116-045000
52 0.500 2.0 16 50 3.700 HAA116-052000
We reserve the right to change all technical data without prior notice.

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