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Ralco Part Number: DSPL

Description: Ralco Yellow & Black SPL flexible ducting hose is a PVC coated Nylon with an encapsulated spring steel helix and plastic Scuff Strip. Can be supplied with either a wire free cuffed ends for easy connection or ringed ends for easy connection of multiple lengths.

Application: Most air applications including drying, cooling, air conditioning, extraction refrigeration and general ventilation as well as marquee cooling and heating.

Colour: Standard yellow with Black Scuff Strip, however we can manufacture in other colours for specific customer requirements.

Diameters: Multiple lengths between 102mm - 1000mm.Lengths: Standard 7.6mt up to 20mt

Temperature Range: -20°C to +95°C in 20°C ambient.

Bend Radius: 50% of hose diametre

Other Options: Also available as Yellow/Black SPLS, a heavy duty version for more robust requirements and SPLCO, a neoprene and PVC for high temperature applications.



Standard Length
Ralco Part:
152 0.28 7.60 DSPL-1520076
180 0.29 7.60 DSPL-1800076
203 0.30 7.60 DSPL-2030076
254 0.35 7.60 DSPL-2540076
305 0.37 7.60 DSPL-3050076
357 0.48 7.60 DSPL-3570076
408 0.52 7.60 DSPL-4080076
457 0.75 7.60 DSPL-4570076
508 0.84 7.60 DSPL-5080076
600 1.15 7.60 DSPL-6000076
700 1.45 7.60 DSPL-7000076
800 1.75 7.60 DSPL-8000076
900 2.20 7.60 DSPL-9000076
1000 2.50 7.60 DSPL-10000076
Other lengths and sizes available on request
We reserve the right to change all technical data without prior notice.

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