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Ralco offer ATEX approved, electrically conductive and anti-static flexible ducting hoses in bore sizes from 25mm to 1000mm. Within our flexible Electrically Conductive and Anti-Static flexible ducting hoses we offer products designed according to the new ATEX Directive, ATEX 94/9/EC and TRGS 727 for transporting flammable and non-flammable materials in areas liable to contain explosive mixtures and for and industrial vacuum cleaners.

Within the range of flexible ducting for Electrically Conductive and Anti-Static requirements we can offer hoses made from various materials including, conductive polyurethane and polyethylene, Viton, PTFE, CSM and EVA. Flexible ducting hoses within this range are according to the new ATEX Directive and the German TRBS 2153 regulation.

Hose from <10¹¹Ω to <10³Ω are available.

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